2013 UIF Benefits Calculator

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The ezUIF Benefits Calculator will estimate how much UIF you can expect to receive every month if your application is successful.

Step 1. Enter your details here

How long did you work for your last employer?

months (max 48)

How much were you earning?

per month (gross)

Step 2. Here’s what you can expect to receive

Estimated Total UIF Benefits: R

= R

per month for


= R

per day.

Now learn how to Claim UIF Benefits


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44 Comments » for 2013 UIF Benefits Calculator
  1. Nanette Gunter says:

    The calculator only calculates for 48 months of benefit that is claimable. I have been contributing to UIF for the past 15 years without claiming and would like to know if that would be taken into concideration when the payments are calculated.

  2. Andries says:

    Hello Nanette,
    unfortunately not. You will only be able to claim benefits for the last 4 years.
    All the best,

  3. S K Ncube says:

    why is it limited to 48 months and where does the rest of the money contributed go

  4. mashlee leon says:

    Hi , please help me here. In 2009 i worked in a company for 5 months then my site contract ended.
    When it was ended i was given a certificate of service. I haven’t claimed my UIF untill this date.
    My question is , if i take my payslip and the certificate of service to the UIF department to claim for my UIF will i get it or it will be regected because i spent a long time without claiming?

  5. ms modiba says:

    hi i would like to know if i can still claim maternity uif if i go back to work 2 months after the baby is born?

  6. Winette says:


    I get 4 months maternity leave, 33% of my salary. How can one calculate how much UIF will be paid out per month during my maternity leave?


  7. Musa says:

    Kindly adivise if the UIF is calculated from the gross or net income?

  8. S.PADAYACHEE says:


  9. Mariette says:

    Does it work the same with maternity uif? Im still getting getting paid 10% of my salary for 3 months, but Im on 4 months maternity

  10. Chris says:

    What would my monthly unemployment benefit be(if retrenched) if I worked for 42 years at one firm with a final income of about R35,000 per month. How many monthly ” payouts” will I receive


  11. @kwazi says:

    I am planning to go on ano unpaid leave end of July. The thing is i get paid by basic and commission and last week i was informed that my basic is falling away and as of end of May i will be earning on commission only. I have been with the current company for 9 months now and for a year with the previous company. Will i still qualify to claim uif?

  12. moris says:

    Hi if one earns eg a salary of 65000 gross how much does 1 contribut p/month. Pls help with calculation.

    • Andries says:

      You contribute 1% of your salary to UIF. To estimate how much you will receive after being retrenched use the calculator.

  13. tshepo says:

    do i forfeit the uif fund if i don’t claim it? and is it possible to claim after finding a different job?

  14. Brendan says:

    I just need some advice. I don’t quite understand the 4 years story. I was retrenched in 2010 and last year claimed my UIF. I started working again but was retrenched again last month. Can I claim my UIF?

    • Andries says:

      Not completely sure, but think you will only be able to claim for the period since you started working again.

  15. Hanru says:

    Thank you – the calculator is very useful.

    I just wanted to confirm: I resigned from permanent employment wef January 2010, but have recently worked on a fixed term contract that has now ended. Am I correct in assuming that I can take all months that I have been contributing UIF over the last 4 years into account, regardless of the employer? Ie I can claim for ca 20 months at my previous employer plus the time spent on the fixed term contract?

  16. Kaity says:

    Hi Am claiming my maternity uif, I ve changed companies in the last 4years because of contracts ending,will I get my maternity uif for the last job that I worked at? Which I worked for 7months! And how do I use the calculator if I earned different sal in this 4yrs. TIA

  17. Matshepo says:

    I have been working from July 2007 and then was made permanent November 2007 and ever since worked as a permanent employee. I will be going on unpaid maternity leave from 19 July. How would I calculte my estimated pay during the my unpaid leave as my salary increased annually during my working years.

  18. charlie says:

    I typed in the amount of months I worked and my gross earnings, the amount given by the calculator is not what i got on my first payment. It is not a double payment either. The calculator is not correct, what i got and what the calculator says differs with more than a R1000.

  19. Ronnel says:

    Good day Andries

    I have worked for 15 years without claiming now I submitted my uif and it was approved however my 1st payment was R4559. But my next payment was 2565.00 my salary was 12000.00 per mnth please help

  20. Clare says:

    Does the uif payment come as a lumpsum or per month.

    Thank you for the useful calculator!


  21. NADIA says:

    thanx the calculations helped me.

  22. Londiwe Radebe says:

    The calculator is only asking how much earnings per month, but the salary is not same after every salary raise, im going on Maternity Leave in November 2012 and i have worked for my company for 5 years and i was temp for 5 years earning different salaries,How do i calculate?

  23. Leonie says:

    How do I find out how much my char will get for the 10 years she worked for me? When did UIF become compulsory? I can’t remember when I registered her.

  24. Anne-Marie says:

    I worked for one company for 38 months and then started with another company immediately after leaving them. All in all I have been employed for the past 8 years and was contributing to UIF for all these years.

    We were retrenched due to company closure in Dec 2012 and I would like to know, if I was to register for unemployment now, for how long would I be able to claim?

    • Nino says:

      You’ll be able to claim for your last 4 years of work. That’s the maximum unfortunately. Use your average salary during this time when using the calculator to estimate benefits.

  25. Richard says:

    Hi – I presume the daily rate is then multiplied by 5 working days, or is it 7 days? Thanks.

  26. Aleksa says:

    Difficult situation: I am 5 months pregnant and just got my 1 month notification of retrenchment. I get no package.

    There might be the possibility of being on the payrol for 2 1/2 more months until my maternity leave should start. That would be reduced pay. Which salary counts if the last 2 month are reduced?

    If they then retrench me after maternity leave would I still be able to claim normal UIF after the maternity UIF?

    For the normal UIF: Does just the last employer count or the ones befor as well. I have not stoped working in between but worked for 2 employers in the last 48 months.

    • Nino says:

      I’m not sure but you should use your average salary over the past 48 months. Also, it doesn’t matter who your employer was as long as you were contributing UIF every month.
      Good luck!

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