UIF Forms

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Below is a list of all the UIF forms that you might need in order to apply for UIF or to claim your UIF benefits.

Simply click the links to download.

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9 Comments » for UIF Forms
  1. Anri says:

    Thank you for the guide, really helped!!! :-)

  2. Johan says:

    can I claim UIF if I was retrenched and received a one month severance package?

  3. Jaap says:

    Great website – helped and saved a lot of time

  4. philippa says:

    great help. Thanks

  5. keira says:

    The service was great an very helpful thank u so much god bless

  6. LINDILE says:

    I was paid my UIF for 6 conservative months and would like to confirm that my uif payments are finished.

  7. Hannelie says:

    Good day

    I need to know I took a volunteering package as earlier retirement package I went to the UIF offices and they gave me a U1. 2.11 form to be filled in by my employer but if they say on the form it was initiated by me does that mean I can’t claim my UIF. But it was open to all employees.

  8. Abea says:

    Can I apply for uif if my contract was terminated

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